Trek from Vattakanal Falls to Guna Cave – Kodaikanal

First week of June, 2017, in Kodaikanal with my family for a short vacation. Monsoon has just started. We had hired a local tours and travels taxi service for our sightseeing. One of the memorable attractions is our visit to Vattakanal Falls and then a short trek further to Guna Cave.

It’s a short drive from Kodaikanal to Vattakanal Falls. We reached in about 20 mins. Just park and go down few steps, beautiful falls awaits you. I think this falls also goes by the name of Liril and Pambar. As there were already few monsoon rains, falls had enough water to please your eyes and ears. Also, as you can see from the picture below,  just enough water you can safely get into the water and get drenched. You can spend hours admiring the beauty and being there at the bottom of the falls. Spending time playing in the soothing water with a such a scenic spot around you adds a romantic feel.

Our taxi driver, he is also our guide to Kodaikanal, is next taking us to Guna Cave also known as Lions Den. He accompanied us in the trek.This is just a short trek from this falls in the forest. We crossed the water body at the bottom of this falls and started our trek. The path gets bit slippery here and there, but overall an easy one. Water is flowing along with you at the side and you get to see one more beautiful waterfall on the way. You are surrounded by dense forest, beautiful plants and rich greenery all around. No doubt you will enjoy if you are a nature lover.

Finally when you reach the Guna cave entrance, one more waterfall to please your eyes.You can just peak through in the cave which is a natural formation in the middle of the forest.

Then go back in the same path that you came to get to your vehicle, enjoy the waterfalls again on the way. There are some road side food vendors with basic snack items at the parking area, enjoy some snacks if you like.

Now continue onto your next attraction, you will be loaded with this mesmerizing experience!

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