Travel from Bangalore to Pondicherry (Puducherry)

Pondicherry is about 310 km from Bangalore. There are many buses, KSRTC and private, run everyday from Bangalore to Pondicherry and they claim about 7 hours of journey by bus. There is also a train by Indian Railway, runs only on certain days of the week. It is about 10 hours of journey by train. Of course, given the distance of 310 km one could go by their own vehicle. As of today, December 2012, there is no flight service between these 2 towns.

We decided to go by bus. KSRTC has a day service bus, comfortable Airavat Volvo AC, which attracted to us. Today, 25th December 2012, is our journey from Bangalore to Pondicherry by KSRTC Airavat Volvo AC Bus. Our pickup point is at Electronic City at 9:00 AM. We reached there bit early, we were there at 8:30 AM, very eager to begin our journey. But it felt like the bus took forever to come there to pick us up. It came at 9:40 AM, which is 40 minutes late. 

You don’t need to take your luggage inside the bus. They keep the luggage in a space under the seating area before you board. Bus was reasonably clean and seats were quite comfortable. For each passenger a water bottle (from Fine Aqua) was provided. AC was on and cool. They have a TV and couple of films were shown during the journey. That was helpful for time pass, but choice of films were not meant for all audience. All films were not appropriate for kids. They definitely need to work on this. My feedback for KSRTC on this point is on its way.

There is not much of options for food on the way. They stopped at Shri Krishna Inn Restaurant at Krishnagiri at about 10:45 AM. This restaurant is good, but too early to have food if you had your breakfast before boarding the bus in Bangalore.  Luckily we decided to eat something here because there was no other stop for lunch. They stopped at some place, a dhaba style restaurant, at 4:30 PM. It is too late and it did not seem like a good place to have any food. But we could have some coconut water there from the road side seller.

The journey all the way through was bumpy even in that big Volvo bus. Lot of road construction work going on. Once the roads are fixed, probably it will be a nice ride.

Coming back to Bangalore again we took the same day service bus. It started at 8:45 AM, almost on time 8 mins late, from the Pondicherry bus stand.  Same bumpy ride and again not much of good stops for breakfast or lunch. At 4 PM they stopped at Kamat Restaurant. We reached Bangalore, Electronic City at 5:30 PM.


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