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Hampi is about 350 km from Bangalore. You can drive to this place or take an overnight bus or train to the nearest town Hospet which is about 13 km from Hampi. From Hospet, reaching Hampi by bus, taxi or an auto rickshaw is all easily doable. However, if you do want to travel by train plan much in advance.

As we couldn’t get train bookings in-time, we decided to drive. Here is our experience driving to Hampi from Bangalore. This trip was done mid-October 2018.

We left South Bangalore area around 9 am. We took NICE road and then NH 48 (NH 4). On the way, we stopped at Hotel Nanjundeshwara at Hirehalli near Tumkur around 10:30 am for a coffee break. Then lunch break at 1 PM at Hotel Ravi Kamat (Ravi Mayur International) in Chitradurga. Hotel Nanjundeshwara is awesome for tea, coffee, dosa, idli etc. Ravi Kamat is just an OK place for a quick lunch, but conveniently located on the way at NH 48.

Drive between Bangalore to Chitradurga is very enjoyable. Both NICE and NH 48 are perfect. But that is only half-way. Rest of the drive to Hampi is what you need to watch-out for. NH 50 is ideally supposed to connect between Chitradurga and Hospet. But construction work is going on this highway for quite some time now. Hence we just followed directions suggested by Google.

Also keep in mind, both NICE and NH 48 have tolls. Toll charges on both of these roads together costed us around Rs 400 each way.

From Chitradurga it took us on an unknown road via Jagaluru to Arabhavi-Challakere Road, and then NH 50 for the last few km before reaching Hospet. All the way through, roads are good only in patches. There is not much of traffic until NH 50, but expect a lot of slow-down due to potholes, huge bumps (keep an eye for many unmarked ones!) and herd of cows and sheep blocking your way. Then once you reach NH 50, continue to expect a slow-down due to undergoing construction and lot of trucks and traffic. Hospet to Hampi, just about 13 km, is quite good and enjoyable.
Herd blocking the way
Herd blocking the way

We took little more than 3 hours between Chitradurga and Hospet, just about 135 km. Other things to keep in mind on this route, between Chitradurga to Hospet, is absolutely no restaurants or petrol bunks. So need to plan accordingly – carry food, water and fill your vehicle tank before leaving Chitradurga, don’t get deceived by the distance.

Same story coming back, we followed the same route that was suggested by Google. However, in about 45 mins after leaving Hampi we found a nice pure veg Dhaba called ‘Ramdev Dhaba’ on the side of NH 50. He provided us mouth watering fresh Parota for breakfast at 8 am in a nice garden setup. As we left little early from Hampi, we were concerned about having to find something to eat before we reach Chitradurga. We were so grateful to find this place! Your next best stop for food would be Upadhya Veg. right after Chitradurga on the side of NH 48.

Ramdev Dhaba
Ramdev Dhaba

So overall we took about 8.5 hours both ways with 2-3 breaks for coffee/food. Once the NH 50 work is fully done, drive from Banaglore to Hampi should be quick and fun. Until then plan ahead and enjoy the long drive. But do visit Hampi. It’s a beautiful place, will cover the details in my next article.


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