Health benefits of Coriander Seeds, get rid of heavy menstrual bleeding

There are number of articles on internet which talks about health benefits of coriander seeds and leaves. Ideally I do not want to repeat them and also I am not a doctor or health practitioner. However, the reason for this post is to share my personal experience.

Coriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds

It is very common in my house to have tea made out of coriander seeds when someone falls sick – fever, cold, cough etc. Of course one would have other medicine also and hence I never know whether this tea has any effect though I read and hear many times that coriander indeed helps.

My enlightenment on the benefits of coriander started this way. For about more than an year I suffered from heavy (I mean very heavy) and prolonged menstrual bleeding. Tried Homeopathic as well as Ayurvedic medicines, none seem to help. Then one time when I was suffering and looking for remedies on internet, I read about coriander tea being one of the suggested home remedies. So I prepared a huge quantity, like 5-6 glasses, of coriander tea, sat on my bed (hardly any energy to move around) and started consuming little by little of warm tea. What a surprise, hardly 2-3 hours and my bleeding seem to stabilize! This is like suffering for more than an year and always on some medicine or the other. And then I continued with the tea, not only the menstrual bleeding came under control, it even stopped after 4-5 days. That was another surprise for me as I was also suffering from prolonged, never ending cycle. I now seem to be having a proper menstrual cycle as well.

That is how I became a fan of coriander seeds and it’s tea. And it has now become a tonic of my life, I consume it almost daily. I also feel quite energized, improved sleep and bowl movement. May be one helping the other, but in my mind all credit goes to coriander seeds.

Coriander Tea - tonic of my life
Coriander Tea – tonic of my life

Making the tea is very simple. Boil a good amount of coriander seeds (approximately 1 teaspoon seeds per cup of water) in water until it turns brown in color and water reduces a bit. Drink the tea warm and throw away the boiled seeds. I usually make it once in the morning and have it 2-3 times through out the day.

That is my personal experience, but I read that it helps in a lot of conditions. Hence if you are suffering from any health issue, check it out if coriander can come to the rescue. I repeat, I am not a health practitioner to suggest this, I am just sharing my own experience.

If you have your own experience either with coriander seeds or leaves, do write it in comments. I would love to hear!

Be happy and healthy!

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8 thoughts on “Health benefits of Coriander Seeds, get rid of heavy menstrual bleeding”

  1. Can u tell me in detail how many times do we have to take this tea to reduce bleeding and does it have any diuretic effects

    1. Try for all day every 1 hour like a half a cup for couple of days when you have heavy bleeding. That’s what worked for me.

      1. It really works because I am also fed up of heavy bleeding ….I would like to try your home remedy if it really works out….I have tried homeopathic for an year but dint find any result…am fed up of all those things….I want some home remedy which can help me reducing heavy bleeding

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