[Bucket List Item 002] Varkala Cliff Beach

I am a beach person, I just love beaches. You leave me at any clean beach, I would probably enjoy the most and come back refreshed. It is not that I play so much in the water. But just sitting there on the sand, watch the waves come and go, walking bare foot in the sand and water makes me very happy and refreshed.


I have heard, read, and watched videos a lot about how beautiful Varkala Cliff Beach is, how peaceful and relaxed atmosphere this beach has. Now what more to ask from a beach for a beach person! Hence definitely this beach got to be in my travel bucket list.

How to get there?

Varkala is located in Kerala, India and 40 kms away from Trivandrum. I am based in Bangalore. So how to get there is my first thought. As I read around, following are the few ways to reach Varkala.

Option 1 – Flight. Fly from Bangalore to Trivendrum. Then take a bus or a taxi (an hour and half max drive) from there to Varkala. Or fly to Kochi. About 4 hour drive from here.

Option 2 – Bus. You can take bus from Bangalore to Attingal which takes 11 h 30 mins. Then a taxi to Varkala is about 20 mins drive.

Option 3 – Train. Kanyakumari Exp (16526) from Bengaluru (BNC or SBC) to Varkala Sivagiri Station (VAK) runs daily and takes about 15 h 45 mins. Beach from the station is just about 10 mins. You can take an auto-rickshaw from the station.

Option 4 – Drive. It is about 10 hours drive from Bangalore, 686 km. 47 km away from NH 47.

How many days to stay?

Varkala Beach, Kappil Beach, Papanasam Beach, Ponnumthuruth Island, Anjengo Fort, Kappil Lake, Varkala Tunnel, 2000 year old Janardhana Swamy Temple, backwater trips from Edava seem to be major attractions. So it looks like 2-3 days would be a good time to plan for staying there.

Dear reader, have you been to Varkala? How did you reach there? What are the beaches and attractions you enjoyed? Let me know via comments. I would love to learn more and read your experience.





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