Beware of Sunday Market at Pondicherry

Sunday Market at Pondicherry is a road side, open air market where every Sunday M. G Road is filled with vendors selling almost anything that you name it. Vendors setup their merchandise on the road side in a great array. There are many such stalls all over M. G Road. Items are already being sold for cheap price and you may get it for even less if you know to bargain. You will find sarees, kurtas, girls dresses, boys and men clothing, shoes, plates, cups, tablewares among many many other things. Market is open all day and you need to do lot of walking in the very crowded area.

That is the summary of the Sunday Market at Pondicherry. You are going to be there on a Sunday and all excited about this shopping experience? Read my experience and shop carefully.

It is a Sunday, last day of our Pondicherry trip. We had seen almost all the attractions, wanted to take this day leisurely and may be visit Paradise Beach once again. I had read about this Sunday Market and told my family I would quickly visit the market in the morning, before we head elsewhere. I walked around the market and the first thing I realized is items are cheap indeed but they aren’t of such a great quality either. In other words, don’t go there looking for buying a dress for Rs. 500 which might cost you Rs. 5000 in the actual shops. Items you find there may be of in the price range Rs. 200 to 500 in the actual shops and you may find them here for Rs. 100 to 300. 

Anyway, I was still excited about the array of items found there and decided to shop some cloths. One guy was selling printed synthetic sarees for Rs. 100 each. All nicely folded and pinned, I couldn’t open and see but they looked ok. I bought 3 sarees and bargained for Rs. 275 instead of 300 and he agreed. Bought 2 girls dresses from another lady which I bargained as well from some amount, she was asking to Rs. 200 each. Dresses are pretty and nicely stitched. I bought 2 kurtas from a vendor for Rs. 150 each and I could not succeed in bargaining here, he was not ready to sell it for less. Another guy was selling variety of nice looking synthetic sarees each for Rs. 200. I could open the saree fully and check it out properly. I bought some sarees from him and he gave me some discount on the total amount.

I went back to the hotel with all the excitement of my shopping. I was very curious to open the 3 sarees that I bought for mere 275 Rupees as I couldn’t do so at the vendor’s stand. To my shock, 2 out of 3 sarees had holes all over. They are no way useable. I hurried to check all the other items. Girls dresses and kurtas still looked ok. Among the other set of sarees, I found 2 sarees little defective as well. I decided to go back to these 2 vendors and ask for an exchange.

The guy who sold me 3 sarees for Rs. 275 is ready to exchange, but not allowing me to open the saree and inspect it. I had no choice but to simply pick another 2 sarees, which I found them still defective after getting back home. Other vendor agreed to exchange and let me take my time to inspect the sarees before I took them.

So, happy shopping at Sunday Market, but beware of from whom you buy. If you cannot inspect the item fully to your satisfaction, do not buy!

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